Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I know of Jason Calacanis through his regular appearance as a panelist for TWiT. Although I do not always agree with his analysis and sometimes find his cockiness a little grating, I have to admit that he is both entertaining and insightful. I also like his current company, Mahalo. I do not like it enough to regularly use it (yet), but I think it has a number of really good ideas. It was mentioned in a somewhat derogatory way during TWiT, but I think Mahalo adds valuable content and has an interesting business model.

One of the more recent services on Mahalo is the ability to ask and answer questions. Yahoo Answers is similar, but the Mahalo service is based around earning "Mahalo Bucks," which allows a questioner to set a bounty on the question. I think that is really neat.

So I asked a question related to this blog. You may not have noticed, but I put together a page dedicated to finding sites to which my deceased grandfather awarded web awards. There is a link to the right, plus you can find it here: I tried to collect as many of them as I could find, but I am sure there are still more. So I asked for help in my question: What pages have been awarded my Grandpa's web award and aren't listed here on my site?. I put M$3 (three Mahalo dollars) on the best answer.

Have a Mahalo account? Answer my question to help me out and possibly some bucks. Don't have a Mahalo account? Signing up for one is easy. Maybe you should try it out? Just don't friend Jason Calacanis on Buzz until they improve the service. He's one of those tech mavens who will take over your feed with too much content.

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