Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blogger feeds

I use Google's Webmaster Tools to help track how Google sees my websites (including this blog). I find it very useful, especially in combination with a tool such as Google Analytics.

In Webmaster Tools, one can submit sitemaps for your site. Submitting a sitemap for a blogger blog is very straightforward: just add the feeds. I use three:

  • feeds/posts/default - This is the basic feed for the blog. The main problem is this feed does not work if you have it forwarding to Feedburner. If that is the case, use this one instead: feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated.
  • feeds/comments/default - I also add a feed for the comments since blog readers' comments can add valuable content to a blog. Sometimes the conversation is more valuable than the original topic.
  • feeds/pages/default - This one is for Blogger in draft users. Pages do not show up in the posts feed, so add this one to get pages indexed.