Oklahoma Web Awards

This section is not for awards this site has actually won. My grandfather, Jim Cooprider, passed away on June 10, 2007. One of his many skills was as a graphic artist, and he put together the five web award images I have collected below. For a few years he would find quality web sites and present the best ones with these awards. I have come across a few of them (thanks to Google, Bing, and Dogpile) and collected them here. If you know of other, please let me know and I'll be happy to add links.

Ellinore Ginn - January 2000
Civil War Artillery Projectiles
Barbara Tampieri - July 2000
Le Dago
Night Owl Mk. II - 25 Jan 00
A Year to Remember - March 13, 2000
E-Type - April 27, 2000
La Regia Marina
Mr. Lewis Classroom
A Gadzillion Things to Think About
Yoav Rosental
Virusart Productions
HTML Students' Support Pages - March 1999
PA State Constable 13 - October 1999
Hansin Dogan
Garry Angelo D. Ilagan - May 9, 1999
   Julia's E-type Fan Site - April 27, 2000
Barbara Tampieri - July 2000
Willemijn Bouman - Feb 2000