Monday, May 8, 2017

The Skittleworms on TV

As I mentioned previously, my daughter's Destination Imagination team is currently fundraising for their trip to Globals. We are very proud of her and her team. You can support them here:

They were interviewed on Bedford TV last week (at 38:15 of the program).

My wife and daughter also opened an Etsy shop as part of their fundraising effort:

Please check out the GoFundMe page and the Etsy shop, then share on social media!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Eyes on the Ground: Why You Need Security Agents

I have a new post on the Threat Stack blog based on my presentation last week at SOURCE Boston!

Talk description from SOURCE agenda:
Whether you build, buy, borrow, or steal it, you need a security agent on your endpoints. We can already hear your cries of "agent fatigue" and we sympathize. Any agent, no matter how lightweight, has costs associated with running it. Minimize those costs and get an agent, because you need the information that only an agent can harvest from the endpoint. We talk about various types of security agents, including their respective strengths and weaknesses. We explore how agents can interact and interfere with each other, and provide some tips for evaluating agents. We cover open-source, custom-built, and vendor perspectives, from cloud to IoT. We need information to do our jobs, and we need agents on our digital assets to provide that information. 

I exported the keynote slides to slideshare.

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