Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My basement flooded for the third time today. It was the second time it flooded significantly. Although the previous owners of the house claimed this was not going to happen, we figured it would. Part of the problem is that the gutters are in bad shape. That will be one of the first things we fix with our tax return this year. Our home inspector said that is the first thing to look at if our basement floods.

Luckily I have experience with flooding basements; it just comes with living in Massachusetts. The basement in my parent's house used to flood while I was in high school. They had a sump pump in one corner of the basement, so we would use towels to direct water and sweep it into the sump pump. That's how I roll in my current house. No sump pump, but the garage is at the basement level. The water gets pushed into the garage and then out into the driveway.

Unfortunately, a lot of the basement paint is coming up with the sweeping. Not that we were that attached. It is a half-decent basement that I expect we will use well someday, but for now we use it mostly for storage (in Rubbermaid tubs).

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