Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farewell, faint-hearted

I was shocked and appalled to see that my follower count in Google's friend connect has gone down. Alright, not really. My wife's blog once again has more followers than mine. This is not surprising since she can actually write funny and insightful posts, but it still hurts my pride because her blog is private (which is why I did not link to it).

C'mon people! Stand up and be counted! I actually understand why the follower left: I probably got too geeky for them. While I hope to have a heavy tech bent on this blog, for a while the only things I blogged about had to do with my involvement in the LDS church. I even briefly changed the name of the blog to "Mormon Yankee Hacker." I have now refocused on tech, but there is a button on the right to my mormon.org profile. I also reserve the right to talk about whatever I want to. It is my blog after all.

The point of this post is to ask for you to follow me on Google friend connect. Then subscribe to my feed. I know everything I write may not be gold, but every once in a while I hit something good!