Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Live" blogging the Apple tablet announcement

I missed the Apple announcement today due to some family obligations. I remembered in seminary doing a "missionary week" during the Super Bowl, so then we all would watch the Super Bowl the next day when we were no longer pretending to be missionaries. I decided to do something similar for the Apple press event. I successfully navigated my day until now without hearing anything about the event, so now I am going to watch the keynote and blog about it.

Why? I'm not entirely sure. I definitely won't do as good a job as Engadget, plus the news happened seven hours ago. For that matter, I think my blog is currently restricted anyway. The main reason is that I want to capture my initial reactions to the actual device, plus I want to get a greater appreciation for what the folks at Engadget do at these events.

So, let's get going . . . as soon as I find a video feed that I can get working. I tried all three from Apple's site in Chrome and none of them worked. Front page of Apple said iPad and had a picture. No real surprises that it actually is a tablet, and I didn't look closely at the picture. Internet Explorer is stalling out on the site. Now a bunch of errors and Quicktime not working. . . Real impressive, morons. I was hoping to do something else tonight too.

Screw it. I'm watching the State of the Union. Stupid Apple. You can take your iPad and . . . grrr.

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  1. I thought about watching it last night instead, but the magic and time are gone. It is easier to read the commentary.