Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First post!

I seriously debated whether to start a new blog or to just update my old blog. My old blog did not generate enough traffic to make audience loss a real consideration. The real problem was that I had no idea what to call my new blog. The name I settled on may be a bit grandiose and/or corny, but I think it accurately describes me in a couple of words.

The content of the two blogs should not differ much in type, although I hope to make this blog better across the board. My guess is that the posts will have a tendency toward tech, social media, and programming, but that I will write about a much larger variety than just that. I also suspect that if I can sustain a regular posting schedule that my topics will settle down into a groove.

My impetus for reworking my blog came from setting up a blog with my father-in-law. I am trying to get him excited about potential business models on the internet, starting with a blog to get his feet wet. We put something together in an afternoon and it looked really nice, so I figured I could stand to improve with my blog.

I should start off by clarifying one thing. I am a Yankee. I was born in Boston, I grew up in Boston, and I now live in Boston (for a sufficiently large definition of Boston). I am NOT a fan of the NY Yankees. I am a Red Sox fan. The confusion here may be compounded by the blue background currently gracing my blog. I like blue and it is in slight reference to my undergraduate education. I do not like the Yankees.

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