Monday, September 17, 2012

Please Help Frank Magori

I met Frank and his son a month ago. He has sacrificed so much and the workings of our country's adoption and immigration systems have hung him out to dry. He deserves the opportunity to provide for his son. A friend of mine put together this petition to help Frank out:

Please take a minute to sign the petition. Then, please take some time to market the petition as well. Share it, tweet it, email it, blog it, reddit it, pin it, market it! Frank needs all the help he can get here, including your family, friends, and social graph.
Frank Magori came to this country legally, and he paid taxes on what little income he’s earned. The Government came to Frank and asked him to adopt an infant and provide a loving home for a US citizen with serious health problems. He accepted the request, which forced him to leave school rendering his student visa obsolete. For eight years the Government has denied him the work authorization necessary to allow him to earn an income and provide for his son. As a result, Frank and his son were evicted from their home and are forced to live in a hotel using food stamps at taxpayer expense.

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