Monday, January 31, 2011

Awesome items on Amazon

I should be packing for a business trip, but instead I got sucked into looking at awesome things on Amazon:

  • Badonkadonk
  • Wolf shirt
  • Zubaz pants
  • AudioQuest cable
  • Denon cable
  • Tuscan milk
  • Uranium ore
If you don't get it then look at the prices, reviews, pictures, product descriptions, etc. Still don't get it? Go buy a wolf shirt. Other suggestions for products?


  1. Oh Man, I didn't know I could get a can of Uranium Ore for $40! Awesome!

  2. Those are some great items. For the record, if you want to borrow my wolf t-shirt, it's awesomer than the one on amazon, because mine glows in the dark.

  3. Can you tell I'm behind in my Blog reading? Anyway, I don't know if you read the Customer Reviews or not on the JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank, but the first couple are more entertaining than the product description! (When you get yours, let me know so I can come over and take it for a spin!)

  4. The customer reviews are what makes these items so awesome! Wonder what is awesome about a steering wheel desk? Read the customer reviews!