Monday, September 20, 2010

Disneyland links

Here are some links that I either used in planning my recent trip to Disneyland or found afterwards and think they are interesting:
  • - Might as well start with the official site. Although this might not be the place to find the secret tips, it is a good source of information.
  • - Order the free vacation planning DVD, even if you have been before. They are always changing things, and it's free!
  • - I love this site. Lots of simple and practical tips for making the most of the Disneyland experience. Learn how to use Fast Passes, where to meet the princesses, the best things to do with kids, and much more!
  • - The Orlando Sentinel has a Disney-specific page. They obviously have a reason to emphasize Disneyworld, but they seem to do a decent job covering all things Disney.
  • - This site looked promising, but there is only so much time one has to look at sites like these prior to actually going on a trip and the Vacation Tips site won my initial attention.
  •,, and are authorized Disney vacation planners. My particular trip was put together piece-meal, but you can save some hassle by getting an all-in-one from a place like these. I am not sure how prices compare, though.
  • - seems like a fun (and slightly sinister) site for finding out things about Disney that may not be part of the normal story they try to tell. A lot of fun insider tips and information that's not on your planning DVD!
Do you have a favorite site I forgot? I would love to hear about it. I don't expect this past trip to be my last trip to a Disney resort.

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