Sunday, February 18, 2018

Overcoming trials of faith

I spoke today in the Revere 2nd Ward. I had President Uchtdorf's talk from a few years ago, Come, Join with Us, as a text with which to start. I think that talk had a lot of great messages inside it, but I struggled over the last few weeks to make it my own. Eventually I decided to leverage the story of Corianton to try and teach some principles.

The previous speaker spoke on lessons from Liberty Jail, and it was not until I heard her talk that things really came together in mind for my own talk. She drew from a number of sources, but probably most directly from Elder Holland's CES Fireside Lessons from Liberty Jail. I found it interesting that she quoted Alma 41:10 from right in the middle of the counsel to Corianton I was about to use as the main mechanism for my talk.

In the end I only had about ten minutes to give my talk, maybe less. As usual, I had over-prepared material for even a full amount of time. So I cut my talk in half and tried to sew it all together on the fly. It didn't go horribly, but I definitely rambled a bit here and there.

Full disclosure: so far I haven't been recycling talks. 

In addition to seeing the text below, you can look at the Google Doc.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


I spoke today in my home ward as the high council speaker. I had self-reliance as the topic for my talk. On the one hand, I had plenty to say since I've had my head in that space for the last couple of years. On the other hand, I had too much to say for the same reason. I wanted to create something I could share with others and I wanted to make sure I said it right, so I wrote everything out. I think that allowed me to say the right things, but then I also read too much from my talk and spoke too fast. I opened with a reference from Indiana Jones.
Google Doc for text (also copied below):

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Conflict and the gospel

I spoke in the Methuen Ward today. I received "Captain Moroni being angry a lot even though he is the most righteous man on the planet" as my original topic, but proposed modifying it slightly to "conflict in the gospel." I found the topic very interesting academically and theologically, but worried about my ability to appropriately convey it through a Sacrament meeting talk. My preferred medium for this topic would be a Sunday School or Quorum lesson, but oh well.

Per my MO, I over-prepared in general and under-prepared my conclusion. One of my problems is that I know exactly what I will have already said at the beginning of my talk (which is nothing), but for the end of my talk I cannot know ahead of time what I had to cut and can no longer reference while concluding. I still think I can prepare the conclusion a bit better for next time.

I did not manage my time particularly well. Ironically, that meant I cut out most of my text about Moroni. Luckily, the previous speaker had already hit two of my most important points from that section of my talk. In fact, he gave a really good talk on Christ-like leadership, and the two talks worked really well together. At least in my head as I was listening to his words.

You can see my notes for the talk at this link, or I have also posted them below.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pioneering and the search for temple worship

I spoke in the Lynn branch today of the North Shore Stake. They're in-between buildings over in Lynn, so they currently meet in the Lynnfield building. I gave the talk in Spanish. I probably could have use a couple more run-throughs of practicing the pronunciation, but I think it went fine. The branch members were very gracious and complimentary, which I appreciated. I didn't feel like it came together how I originally envisioned the topic, but it fit perfectly into the time I ended up having to deliver it. After the talk I went outside and caught a photo of a couple of turkeys:

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Skittleworms on TV

As I mentioned previously, my daughter's Destination Imagination team is currently fundraising for their trip to Globals. We are very proud of her and her team. You can support them here:

They were interviewed on Bedford TV last week (at 38:15 of the program).

My wife and daughter also opened an Etsy shop as part of their fundraising effort:

Please check out the GoFundMe page and the Etsy shop, then share on social media!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Eyes on the Ground: Why You Need Security Agents

I have a new post on the Threat Stack blog based on my presentation last week at SOURCE Boston!

Talk description from SOURCE agenda:
Whether you build, buy, borrow, or steal it, you need a security agent on your endpoints. We can already hear your cries of "agent fatigue" and we sympathize. Any agent, no matter how lightweight, has costs associated with running it. Minimize those costs and get an agent, because you need the information that only an agent can harvest from the endpoint. We talk about various types of security agents, including their respective strengths and weaknesses. We explore how agents can interact and interfere with each other, and provide some tips for evaluating agents. We cover open-source, custom-built, and vendor perspectives, from cloud to IoT. We need information to do our jobs, and we need agents on our digital assets to provide that information. 

I exported the keynote slides to slideshare.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Welcome SOURCE visitors!

Maybe you've stumbled onto this blog after hearing of me through SOURCE Conference Boston. Welcome! While this blog has links to my professional blog posts, they actually live on my company's blog.

Things that make it onto this blog tend to be things that do not fit elsewhere. That includes the notes for religious talks I give as part of my volunteer position in the LDS (Mormon) church, among other things. Feel free to ask me about them!